Dameware - new version nightmare

by JKet Email

Link: http://www.dameware.com/

I like using the DameWare Mini Remote control software for controlling other windows computers. It works well if the user is using RDP, or is logged in physically, it will show you their session.

There are many other features that are nice but remote control is the best part with the MultiMonitor support. I can select which monitor I am viewing, or a mix of both of them.


At work my boss ordered new licenses for Dameware 8, good because we have other users that are wanting licenses and version 6 no longer sells licenses. Their websites says it comes with a few new features.

Chat is a nice new feature, there are many ways to chat, but having it built in to your remote control software is always a good thing to try.

Connection invite. I got the impression you can create an invite and it will try and create a connection through proxies and firewalls. (turns out it does, if both sides use ipv6)

There wasn't much else listed besides screenshots and the option for u3 (portable!?) mode, but I use Greenshot anyway and am not worried about screenshots. U3 mode is always welcome for my bootable usb drive.

After trying out the new version, I am quite disappointed. Remote control still works, I can connect and see the desktop just fine, but it seems like everything else that made it simple to use is broken. Normally I expand the list of domain computers, right click and remote control. It works fine, sometimes it requires a reboot. So you disconnect and hit connect again. Except the host field is blank now! The older version would hold the name of the machine it had connected to. In my testing, it appears this only happens if the machine isn't in your Saved Host List, which is seperate from the computer list.

Sometimes i have a window open or click on a random computer to quickly bring up DameWare Mini Remote Control window and I know the computer name I want to connect to. You click in host and start typing, except it opens up a mini window that is for the exact same thing. Why? I am already typing in an input field, it does nothing for me. (except maybe add it to my Saved Host list by default after I click ok, which is not something I want)


It also automatically goes full screen and resizes to fit the screen. Which to work with multi monitor you ahve to get out of, tit then stretches the image to fit the window size, and if select dual monitor mode, it stretches them both to fit in a small window. Inside Dameware NT utilities itself, it has a feature to see properties of a computer. It lists uptime, start time, and a few other things. I rebooted a laptop and thought I would check it. It said the computer has been up for 3 hours. it shows the correct remote and local time, but start time is way off.

Sadly, I am disappointed. It works, but I want to go back to the old version.


Edit1: It turns out, that the uptime (Start Time) is taken from the local computer running dameware. This feature worked before. I don't know how you break something that worked fine before.

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Comment from: Craig McDonald [Visitor]
Craig McDonaldJeff,

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on Dameware. Believe it or not, we love to hear the good with the bad because it helps us improve the product. Some of the issues you described sound like bugs (which I've logged). Others sound like usability issues where we can improve the user experience (I've also logged these). I'd like to have a more detailed discussion with you about your feedback if you can spare the time. I'm sending you a separate email to try and schedule some time to chat.

Thanks again,
Craig McDonald
Solarwinds Product Management
04/23/12 @ 12:28

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